Application for inventory of fixed assets introduced in BHDCA

In February 2014 our company successfully completed the project of introducing the application for inventory of fixed assets in BHDCA – Directorate for Civil Aviation of BiH, which included the integration of Oracle module for fixed assets by applying the relevant bar-code technology.

As budget beneficiary, BHDCA has a direct access to the Information system for financial management (ISFU) which is based on Oracle eBusiness Suite business applications. They insert all their transactions, including the input and output invoices, cashier’s business operation, booking orders, records of fixed assets and stock as well as the relevant changes in ancillary books of fixed assets and stocks, directly in the ISFU system. BHDCA decided to integrate the Oracle module of fixed assets with Barcode readers within the framework of ISFU system which allowed simple import of the results of inventory where, during the process of import of data, the validation is conducted in order to ensure the complete and accurate data that are finally inserted into the ISFU system.

Introduced application enabled the faster, more quality and more reliable inventory of fixed assets as well as the possibility of comparison of real and book values and statuses where the user is able to, very easily, during the analyses, make corrections of the differences identified in  ISFU system.

(*ISFU – Information system for financial management based on Oracle eBusiness Suite business applications, includes: the general ledger, liabilities in relation to suppliers, receivables from buyers, cash management, fixed assets and stock).